Home Restoration In North Texas

The Best Home Restoration Services In DFW

ProNail Roofing & Outdoor Living offers restoration services to homeowners in the DFW area. We provide basic renovation services, water damage repair, and more!


Our team can help you with any of your window replacement needs. Below are a few of the services we offer.

Home Restoration Services | Two-Story Suburban Home

Replacement Windows

Damage or disrepair affects the overall functionality of your house. If you’re having issues with your windows, replacements can improve their efficiency, increase your home security, and enhance your curb appeal.

Replacement Glass

Change your window panes if there are signs of wear and tear, damage to the glass, or simply if you need need to update your home’s aesthetic. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need replacement glass to maintain your windows’ optimal performance.


If you have windows without grids or panes, installing screens provides many beneficial effects. Window screens can prevent flying bugs, insects, and small animals from entering your home. The installation is also an effective security measure as it can keep intruders out of your house.


Every rain or storm, your roof’s gutters handle the brunt of water management for your house. We can help you install and improve your gutters with the services below.

Home Restoration Services | Roof Gutters

Seamless Gutters

While the installation can be complex, seamless gutters require far less maintenance than sectional types. The modern design also encounters fewer clogs, leaks, and backups.


The downspout transports rainwater from the gutter to the ground to prevent water from damaging your house’s siding. We can keep your downspout in tiptop shape to maintain its performance.

Gutter Guards

Environmental debris often gets in your gutter, making clean-up more difficult. With gutter guards, you can prevent clogging in your gutters and make maintenance easier.  


ProNail Roofing & Outdoor Living has staining professionals who can preserve the grain and enhance the beauty of your wood surfaces.

Home Restoration Services | Stained Wood Fences


Boost your curb appeal and preserve the aesthetic quality of your fence with a beautiful and protective stain. 


Staining the wood on your pergolas ensures long-term protection against rain, wind, and various natural elements.

Exterior Wood

Applying coats of stain on your exterior wood maintains the grain’s quality and emphasizes the surface’s color.

If you want efficient roof repair, work with one of the most trusted roof contractors in Allen, TX. Choose ProNail Roofing & Outdoor Living and we guarantee that we’ll deliver exceptional service from start to finish. Set up an appointment today and let us help you with your next home project.